About Us

Certero Corporation started its journey in 2013 and over the years it curved out a niche with its professional and customer centric solutions meant for businesses of all types and categories. Certero offers a powerful package of state of the art consulting, business development, branding and cutting edge IT solutions that perfectly match the demands of today’s large corporations as well as promising startups.

We at Certero believe delivering excellence that benefits our clients through robust user engagement and steady business conversion. Besides helping businesses to equip with modern IT tools, business specific software solutions and apps, we also provide training, development and human resource building programs to breach the knowledge and capacity gap in any organisation.

Certero is a future ready business management, consulting, IT solutions developer and human resource development company with a long list of global clients across diverse niches. We are committed to making your business share he and grow in spite of the competitive challenges and constraints.

Our Team

Majed Al Jaberi


Nooruddin Ahmed


Gaurav Bhatia


Fatima Ahmed

Brilliant Brats

Iti Rawat


Strategic Partners

  • Pioneering Innovation Infusion Platform.
    Content & Pedagogy based on nearly 15 years of research and experiential learning.
    Content proven with over 60,000 Users across the UAE, Malaysia & India.
  • Pioneering Learning By Teaching Platform
    Phase 1 launched in 2017.
  • Platform to Drive Invention and Entrepreneurship.
    Makers-to-Market Journey.
    Initial bootcamp planned in Q2-2018.
  • Never Miss a Detail Again